Outstation Taxi Services

The Best Outstation Taxi Services in Ahmedabad

Looking to travel out of town but don’t know if a cab service will fit the travel needs? Why bother hiring a city cab that are both expensive and impractical for long distance traveling? Instead, we have for tailored cab service that are cut for outstation travels. Our outstation taxi service has been helping people get away from the city and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing weekend in the scenic outskirts of Ahmedabad.

We have a fleet of cars to avail for your outstation travels. Choose from countless options to find the cart that makes your journey easiest and comfortable.

Why Hire Our Outstation Taxi Service?

If you are wondering what the precise benefits of hiring our outstation taxi services as opposed to the regular car hire service which in all probabilities you are more familiar with, here they are:

  • Zero Return Fare: The first thing that makes our outstation taxi services an easy choice for those looking for long-distance journeys is the lack of a return fare. There is no such thing as a one-way fare with taxis when it comes to long distances. If you are hire a car on rent in Ahmedabad for outstation travels, you are required to pay them a return fare because they are normally not keen on deadheading back. With the outstation taxis, there is no such obligation. You hire them for a one-way trip and you pay just that. There is no negotiation beyond that.
  • Affordable: We assure you that our services are one of the most affordable in the city. We promise you one of the very cheapest deals you will find in Ahmedabad. We are here to offer you the best service for the least price.
  • High Availability: The reason why cab users across the city depend on our services is our huge availability. Rush hour, holiday season, you name it, our no-refusal service is something you can rely on even without prior booking. We provide a cab to anybody who comes looking for it. Ours is a no-headache, no-worries service that is always within your reach, no matter the time of the day or night.
  • A Personal Ride: Our cab services relieve our clients from the fuss of hiring a cab in off-seasons. There is no off-season for us. We are available all the time. There is never an idle cab that has our company name on it. So, wherever you want to go outside the city, we have a ride ready for you. The ride we provide are fully personal which means you don’t have to share them with anybody but your own group members.
  • Follow COVID-19 WHO Guideline :  We strongly follow safe cab hire guideline given by WHO for Covid-19 pandemic. Our drivers are equipped with high quality face masks and hand sanitizing products at all times so that they can maintain personal hygiene at all times. Our cars carry COVID-19 travel kit with all required items in it.

To All Popular Destinations and Beyond

Our outstation cab services are available for all popular destinations in Gujarat. However, if you have an obscure place in mind that you want to get away to, we will be happy to offer you a cab ride. Just give us an address we will make sure that you are dropped off at your preferred destination at the right time.