innova car hire

Hire Innova on Rent in Ahmedabad

Looking to hire SUV to travel inside the city or to go somewhere outside? Innova is just the right car for that. Big and spacious, it can seat 7 to 8 people comfortably. It also has an enormous boot which means a lot of extra space for the hand luggage. No, we are not trying to sell you an Innova. We are trying to make travelling easy for you with an anytime anywhere Innova car hire service. If you are in need of a big car anytime you are in the city, just remember us. We always have a car ready to dispatch to any location for your transportation.

If you are on a vacation in Ahmedabad, there is a lot to see and without a private ride there is no easy way to cover so much ground. Smaller cars might seem more fitting for small families but if comfort is at the top of your priorities, it has to be a big car and Innova ticks all the boxes of ease and comfort in long journeys. Today, Ahmedabad has more Innova cabs running around the city catering to the travelling needs of vacationers and working professionals than any other city in India. So take advantage of that to book yourself a relaxed and comfortable ride to your destination with us.

Hire Innova for Outstation

You have more than just one choice in Innova car hire. We bring to you three different models of Innova that cater to different traveling needs.

  • First, there is the Innova 7-seater MUV which seats 6 plus one people. The vehicle has extra leg rooms which makes it an extremely comfortable ride for tall people. The 7-seater is for anybody who is travelling in a group of 4 or 5 people or lesser. Again, if you have a pet with you, there cannot be a better car than this.
  • Second is the Innova 8-seater which has one extra seat than the 7-seater. So, depending on the size of the group you are travelling you, you can book this car. This one has bench seating at the back which is great for kids who tend for snooze off along the journey. With plenty of room for others, they can sprawl out on one of the bench seats and take a quick nap along the way.
  • The Innova Crysta is the luxury version of the MUV. In case you are inclined towards having a luxury ride, this is without a doubt the pick for you. Don’t get too wary by the world “luxury” because this is affordable luxury for you. The Innova Crysta is a supremely comfortable, deluxe car that offer a very relaxing and rich travelling experience.

Innova Rentals for Special Occasions

Our Innova car hire is not a service restricted to outsiders and vacationers alone. Locals too can avail it as and when required. For the residents of Ahmedabad or those in town for a special occasion can also hire from our line of Innova cars for travel and logistics to special events like weddings, parties, office events and such occasions.