The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to stay at home for extended duration and has made it virtually impossible for us to travel. It is therefore no wonder that a lot of people are now really desperate to go out for a trip and refresh their minds and bodies. If you are thinking of going for a change of scenery, then planning a road trip would be a good idea.

There are many exciting destinations that you can visit when you go on a road trip from Ahmedabad. Depending on where you choose to go, the journey can be anywhere about 10 to 13 hours. It can be a perfect experience for you and your friends as you can have your food in the roadside eateries and catch up on old stories. By getting taxi services for road trips from a car rental company in Ahmedabad, you can certainly have the best trip of your life and immerse yourself in the experience.

Mount Abu

Mount Abu is about 220 kilometers away from Ahmedabad and one of the most picturesque destinations you can visit in the north-western part of the country. Mount Abu has always been known for its pristine natural beauty and the area is spotted with numerous beautiful lakes. Some of the notable attractions on the road to Mount Abu are Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, Nakki Lake and Guru Shikhar.


Udaipur is a prominent tourist destination that is filled with numerous attractions of historical importance. There are many royal palaces and fabulous hotels that add special importance to Udaipur as a traveling destination. While it is about 260 kilometers away from Ahmedabad and takes about 10 hours to reach there, you can plan a day trip and have a good time by exploring the unique beauty of the region.


Jaisalmer has always been in the bucket list for any ardent traveler and you can go for a road trip to this fabulous historical location. Words cannot hope to describe the unreal beauty of Jaisalmer. Apart from the fort itself, the region also has plenty of exciting things for you to explore.

Gir National Park

Gir National Park is going to appeal to you if you are a lover of wildlife attractions. It is one of the most significant wildlife parks of the country. You can see a variety of animals like the Asiatic lion, Bengal fox, Indian leopard and golden jackal fostering in their wild habitats.


Bikaner has got many notable palaces like the Junagadh fort and Lalgarh Palace that are worthy of your visit. It is one of the most widely visited locations in Rajasthan and you can have a great time when you are here.

Once you get an Ahmedabad taxi hire company to attend to your traveling needs, you can have the peace of mind you need when you want to have a highly engaging road trip. So, make sure that you find the best car rental company to provide you with the smart end transportation solutions you are looking for.




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