The COVID-19 pandemic has made it extremely difficult for all of us to perform activities that we once considered normal and took for granted. One of such activities is of course hiring a cab to go from one place to another. A lot of people these days are afraid to go out of their homes, let alone go for some lighthearted traveling. The lockdown period in India saw a complete suspension of all car hiring activities. Now that the government has allowed the cab hire service companies to start their operations as before, cab rental companies are required to follow the WHO guidelines when they need to provide cab service to their patrons.

A leading car hire company now offers their expertise in the red, green and orange zones so that people who are looking for transport can travel securely without any kind of worries. Safe private transport is considered to be the topmost priority at the moment and this has led the general population to be very discerning as to the cab service provider that they hire for their traveling needs. Every reputable cab service company now follows the WHO guidelines when they offer their cab services to their customers. This has become mandatory these days as it can contain the spreading of the novel coronavirus.

Outstation Cab Services At The Travel World

In order to make the cabs perfectly safe for the commuters, the cab rental companies use disinfecting substances to sanitize the whole car prior to and after every single ride so that the people traveling in them always remains safe. Hand sanitizer bottles are provided inside every car so that the commuters can keep their hands clean and free of germs at all times. The cars are also aired adequately at all times so that proper ventilation helps to avoid the possibility of communicable infections which are high in enclosed spaces. The outstation taxi service also provides their drivers with high quality face masks and hand sanitizing products at all times so that they can maintain personal hygiene at all times. This can help in making sure that the car is free of any kind of viruses and other microbes. The drivers are provided with training on personal as well as cab hygiene so that they do not accidentally contribute to the spreading of the virus due to some kind of negligence.

Every cab, no matter if it is a long distance one or traveling within the perimeters of the city is presented with a COVID-19 travel kit that includes hand sanitizer, a face mask as well as sheets to cover the seats with. In this way, the driver can ensure total safety for themselves and also for the people who travel in those cabs. The drivers are also instructed to advice the commuters to put their luggage in the car boot so that it is a zero contact ride. The drivers are also advised to avoid using the AC as far as possible and keep the windows open so that it can reduce the chances of a dangerous viral infection.




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